01. Contact

Space team alpha

Jenny Siira
Studio Director
Helene Pilström
Business Development (Parental leave)
Anton Grammatikas
Mikael Sundgren
Senior Strategic Designer
David Lamm
Creative Director
Katharina Merl
Senior Designer (Parental leave)
Claes Rossby
Senior Account Manager
Linus Wiklander
Senior Strategic Designer
Marcus Hansson
Senior Strategic Designer (Parental leave)
Ulrike Rahe
Professor Industrial Design
David Ljungberg
Senior Designer
Kamyar Karimi
3D expert, Embedded
Thure Waller
02. Location

Cream or sugar?

Boid’s office is temporarily located at Ringön and coworking studio Kolgruvan. If you want to visit us, have a meeting, or just stay for a cup of coffee you can find us at Kolgruvegatan 12.

Kolgruvegatan 12

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