01. Intro

Simulating fluids in really small spaces.

Boid helped Chalmers develop new software that simulates how fluids behave in micro structures. When Chalmers reached out to Boid the simulation engine had been under development for about a year at Mathematical Sciences. The development had focused on technical functionality and the interface toward the user consisted of XML-files and terminal commands. The ambition was to develop a tool that could make simulations available to more people than persevering researchers.

02. Info


SuMo Biomaterials


UX/UI design
Front end programing
Project management

03. Challenge

Defining the scope

Our work started with mapping requirements by engaging and interviewing different user types. With this information we could prioritize functionality together with Chalmers and decide what to include in version 1.0 and what to save for future versions. We explored a number of different interface solutions and moved forward with a concept that worked well with the functionality of the first version, and could also be expanded further in the future. The simulation engine is constantly being updated, this made it even more important to build a flexible program.

04. Solution

Getting the bigger picture

Together with Ehrenborg Teknikutveckling, we turned the concept into a desktop software that works in Linux and Windows environments, with the possibility to add a Mac version down the line. Boid was responsible for requirements, functionality and interaction design during the early phases of the project and later had an overall product responsibility when leading the software development, making sure focused on the right things.

05. Result

Design and research in a wonderful mix

The result is a program that is aimed at people with some domain knowledge, with an interface that helps the user focus on the choices that are important at every given step of the process. By doing this, we can introduce complexity and options step by step and make everything easier for both new and experienced users. Technology, design and research in a wonderful mix, just the way we like it!

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