01. Intro

The biggest EU research initiative ever, and Chalmers commissioned Boid to design and curate a permanent exhibition about graphene at Gothenburg’s science museum Universeum.

Graphene is a unique two-dimensional form of carbon that has only recently become possible to produce and features multiple amazing properties invaluable to the technology and science of the future.

02. Info


Chalmers University of Technology


Overall concept
Graphic design
Interaction design

03. Challenge

Exhibiting invisible material

Although graphene has been known to science in theory for a long time it could finally be produced in a laboratory in 2004. It consists of only one layer of carbon atoms and is therefore considered the first two-dimensional human made material. But what is most exciting about graphene is its outstanding set of properties; graphene is extremely strong while at the same time being very lightweight. Thanks to its regular hexagonal structure it conducts electricity as well as heat extraordinarily well. On top of that graphene is almost entirely see-through and flexible.

We then stood before the challenge to show abstract and partly invisible scientific research to the general public in an understandable and engaging way.

04. Solution

Learning by doing

We believe that it is easier to digest and imprint new learned information if you can experience it with multiple senses. That is why we have installed a series of experiments that activate visitors to interact with the information at hand and make their visit a memorable experience.

05. Result

Graphene - a new age

In June 2014 we were able to inaugurate a hands-on exhibition that takes the visitor on a journey that explains what graphene is made of, what its unique properties are and how they can be used. It shows the impact graphene research has on science worldwide and how both science and industry work on graphene related products that may very well transform how we think about technology in the future.

Experience the exhibition here. Graphene – a new age:

06. Video
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