Music for moods – app

01. Intro

Breathe with your heart

MusicforMoods is a tool for improving Heart Rate Variability. By following the guided breathing instructions and purpose-written music, you can obtain a Heart Rate Variability that is optimal for your system. The app measures your pulse through the smartphone’s camera and shows you how your heart is responding.

02. Info


Body Score


Concept design
App design
Graphic profile

03. Challenge

Relaxing UX

The people behind MusicforMoods have been researching on how heart rate and breathing is affected by music. Based on their research they have composed music that guides the user to optimal breathing and heart rate. Boid have packaged this technology in an app so that users can enjoy these scientific advances.

The challenge in this project was to design an experience that lets the user focus on the main purpose with the app; to relax. This meant defining the user flow and visual expression in a way that set the user in the right mood.

04. Solution

Defining user flow

A key feature was to find images that provide the same look and feel as the music for the different relaxation exercises. Another important aspect was to do the actual exercise as distraction-free and relaxing as possible. This means that all the settings etc are made outside the exercise.

From the main view you can access settings, user information and choose and start the exercise. During the exercise you can follow your heart rate that is measured by putting your finger over the camera lens. After the session you can save your results. Add a comment if you wish and mark how relaxed you feel. Feedback from the exercise is given to the user through graphs and statistics and you can view your progress and previous sessions in the history page.

The user flow was designed to focus usage from one main view

05. Music

Music from a dual Grammy-winning composer

All Music in MusicforMoods Composed and performed by Rickard Åström. He has been able to watch closely how heart and breathing is affected by music. Based on these findings, he has created new music that is available exclusively on this app, and more music is on the way.

06. Result

Breathe into peace

The result is a visually attractive app that is easy to use and creates a bridge between the user and this new research. Visit App Store to download and try for yourself!

Boid also reworked the graphic identity

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