01. Intro

A great deal of solar energy is wasted in today's solar cells. Researchers at Chalmers have an idea that may improve efficiency tremendously.

They have already demonstrated that the principle works in the lab – now the research will move out on campus to continue under real conditions. A lot of exciting research such as this happens behind closed doors, and in an effort to make research more accessible to the public we teamed up with the initiative Epoc (Energy on Campus) to create an installation that lets passer-by catch a glimpse of what’s going on inside the dream factory.

02. Info


Epoc (Energy on Campus)


Visual concept
Technical solution
Graphic design

03. Challenge

Making something inaccessible feel accessible

The first challenge was that the research station was located in quite an inaccessible area, the university rooftop, so we needed to find a solution that gave the people a trip to the roof without physically be on location. Secondly we needed to find a visual solution to explain the research without getting in to too many details.

04. Solution

Follow the line

What we needed was an eyecatcher, and something to tease the curiosity. We achieved this by drawing a bright yellow line from the installation, consisting of a LED screen, all the way to the top of the roof. The animated slideshow on the screen featured a flyby of the yellow line to give the public the opportunity to see the campus, and the research station, from above.

Another way to increase impressions was to make the area around the installation an attractive hangout. The location of the installation would be the ideal place to bask in the sun during lunch breaks, if only there was a place to sit.

05. Results

The final installation consisted of the yellow line connecting the dots, and the LED screen displaying a looped slideshow. Together with the proprietors Chalmersfastigheter we turned the location into a terrass to give a natural place to take a break and enjoy the show. The installation was much appreciated by the public, and the amount of people stopping by just goes to show how curious people are of what’s going on inside Chalmers.

Animation frames

06. Video
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