01. Intro

Did you think that your wallpaper is a piece of passive decoration? Think again.

For our client Mr. Perswall we have created a collection of wallpapers that are interactive, either when creating the pattern or interactive when put up on the wall. Learn more as we present four samples from the collection:

  • Sonority
  • Universal Ruler
  • Master Chef
  • My Hood
02. Info


Boråstapeter - Mr Perswall


Graphic design
Music visualisation Software

03. Sonority


The Sonority wallpaper is a graphical representation of your favorite song. It comes in any size and can be generated from any audio file of your liking.

Boid has created a generative design tool that can take on any song and turn it into a unique piece of art inspired by Peter Savilles use of technical data as artistic illustration.

The wallpaper in this photo has been generated from Queens legendary Bohemian Rhapsody.

04. Sonority

The story behind Sonority

In 1971, british band Joy Division asked graphical designer Peter Saville to create a cover photo for the new album “Unknown Pleasures”. A member of the band gave Saville a picture from a magazine depicting a plot of pulses from the first pulsar ever discovered, PSR B1919+21. Saville changed the colors of the graph to white lines on a black background and used it, straight up, as the album cover.

Over the years, many fans of Joy Division and graphic designers over the world have been under the impression that the graph representes the actual song, the frequencies, audio volume or similar, but the fact of the matter is that it is a representation of something entirely different. The creative team at Boid thought that it would be highly interesting to attempt to create a digital tool that takes an audio file as input, crunches it and the outputs an actual graphical representation of the sound.

Photo credit: Adam Cap

05. Video
06. Sonority

Making it

Finding an algorithm that turns the audio spectrum into the desired look proved challenging as sound waves doesn’t really want to behave in the way we forced upon them. Even with these difficulties, after many days of hard work, Boid’s lead programmer presented the Sonority tool – a web based system where you can upload an audio file, tweak some settings to your liking and receive a unique vector graphic that contains freely scalable artwork and can be used towards any purpose – it look especially good in large formats such as wallpapers.

If you have a song that you would like to get produced as a wallpaper, poster or similar. Send us an email at hello@boid.se and we’ll help you out!

(The Sonority Web tool is built in pure javascript with Paper.js and Angular.js)

07. Sonority

Give it a spin

Press the play button to the right to see a simplified version of the generative design tool live! You can also upload a song of your own (mp3 format) to experiment with.

Music: Hello World by Hello World

08. Universal ruler

Universal ruler

Tired of looking for that ever-misplaced ruler? We were and that’s why we designed the Universal ruler – a wallpaper that facilitates all your measuring needs. No matter if you need to get an exact angle for your new sewing project or just need to mount your new shelf system with millimeter precision. No need for those old fashioned spirit levels, tape measures or rulers – it’s all on your wall.

09. Master Chef

Master Chef

With this design on your wall you’ll never be out of inspiration for tonight´s dinner. Simply scan the QR-code with the ingredients you have at home and you will get recipes directly in your smartphone.

Interior design magazine Elle Decoration (formerly Elle Interior): “Mr Perswall gives you recipes directly to your cell phone based on what you got in the fridge”

10. My Hood

My Hood

New York, Barcelona or Stockholm? Bring the beauty of your, or any, neighborhood to your wall. The My Hood wallpaper can be color matched to your liking and is created using a generative design formula based on any geographic location of your choice.

With the generative map design tool created by Boid, any location be it a country, city or neighborhood – is transformed into a detailed piece of art, combining the organic curves of nature with the stringent construction lines of mankind.

11. My Hood

From location to art

From location to art

The process behind My Hood works like this:

1) A client specifies a geographical coordinate and its bounds
2) The clients data is used as input in Boid’s generative design tool
3) Geographical data is loaded from the Open Street Map initiative using maperative
4) Boid´s tool emphasizes the geographical elements that creates the most interesting visual composite
5) Arbitrarily scalable vector data is exported
6) The wallpaper is printed at Boråstapeter/Mr Perswall in any dimension requested by the client
7) The wallpaper is shipped to the client along with mounting instructions

“Maps codify the miracle of existence.” ― Nicholas Crane, Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet

The wallpaper is not only beautiful on its own, mark where you met your loved on, where you took that 10k run the other night or where you favorite vintage stores are located. With maps, the possibilities are endless.

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