01. Boid way

Boid is a full service product design studio with a team of professional designers and engineers

We investigate what’s important to the people who come in contact with your product and utilize this knowledge to deliver innovative solutions that add value to your brand.

At Boid studio we are driven by a belief in human-centered design and pride ourselves on our close collaboration with academia. We are the bridge between business and new technology that helps you lead the way in product development.

Our portfolio includes robots, 3D printers, energy management systems, exhibitions, doors, lamps, wallpapers, and much more.

02. Boid edge

Design on the edge of technology

At Boid we make technological and scientific advances accessible so that more people benefit from your product. By applying great design, groundbreaking research, and new technology to your business we strive to become your long-term strategic partner.

Our experience working with both research funded and commercial projects gives us an innovative perspective. This combination provides us the unique synergy to create on the edge of technology while delivering substance to your project.

03. Philosophy

Sundae of design awesome with hot fudge on top 

Since our start in 2009, our philosophy has been to offer the highest expertise and innovation to our clients and partners. We’ve found that the best way to deliver amazing results is to include lots of people in on the fun.

Our team thrives on embracing a variety of expertise, different methods, and diverse backgrounds to create an amazing synergy. No matter the background or education, all of our employees have the same core belief in our design process and its power to make products better.

04. Organization

Deep roots

Boid is a part of the Chalmers Industriteknik (CIT) Group. Together with our parent organization and our sister companies we are just over 100 employees, of which 50% have PhD’s, and with an annual turnover reaching 100 mSEK.

Our sister companies are:
– CIT Energy Management
– CIT Industriell Energi

05. Board

Leaders of the pack

Our board reflects our innovative philosophy and has extensive experience in both industry and academia with a deep knowledge of both technology and design.

Golaleh Ebrahimpur (Chairman)
CEO, Chalmers Industriteknik

Andreas Dagman
Head of Industrial Design Engineering programme, Chalmers University of Technology

Johan Löfgren
Founder & CEO, Löfgren branding

Mikael Sundgren
Senior Strategic Designer, Boid

Matias Cindric
Design strategist with a background as CEO, Creative Director and Chief Designer

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