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Boid is a product design studio simplifying complexity through strategy, design and technology. Our goal is to make things feel effortless, and a whole lot more joyful.

Service Design

To understand user behaviour is to understand their needs. We specialise in delving deep into the life of your users to separate the wants from the needs.

Design Strategy

Increase the product experience and take your business to the next level by transitioning to a design thinking company, utilising a digi-physical design strategy.

Product Design

We develop products that span both physical and digital. Regardless of your wants and needs, we make sure the result meets both your and your users' expectations.

Our edge is

Through close collaboration with scientists we get an in depth understanding of the latest research and technology. Much like a water filter we take the murky water, purify it, and deliver crystal clear design.

Life-saving autonomous rescue drones

To demonstrate the potential of autonomous drones using Everdrone's technology, we designed an application together to be used by the rescue services. With an autonomous drone as the first responder the operator can have live streaming pictures from the accident within minutes making it easier to decide what additional resources to send.

Everdrone AB

Osseointegration eco-system

We work continously with Osstell to develop solutions around their technology for measuring level of osseointegration of dental implants. Osstell challenges us to create experiences within their eco-system of products and services. So far we've been part of developing Beacon, their new measurement instrument and Osstell connect, a service that help clinicians get valuable data regarding their work with implants.


Traceability of electronics towards a circular future

E-waste is a fast-growing problem with devastating consequences for our planet and the people living here. Together with 15 project partners, we researched how a traceability solution could create a more sustainable electronics industry. To demonstrate the potential of this kind of solution we developed an interactive demo, which we hope can help get more organizations on board.


Making space for virtual air traffic controls

Remote control towers allow air traffic controllers to operate one or several airports from a distance. Our brief was to design a physical work environment without compromising on functionality. Factors such as noise management, light architecture, cooperation and privacy led to the final design; a modular system that accommodates both large international hubs as well as smaller airports.

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

The future of x-ray tubes

How will the x-ray solution of tomorrow look like when Xray devices require less cooling, takes less space and can deliver higher resolution images? Together with Luxbright we explored that question when we developed product concepts around their technical plattform for x-ray microfocus


Videoapp for journalists

We consume more video than ever. Many video productions are done by journalists without any experience working with graphics and imagery. Clipsk is the video app developed with every user in mind, no matter how tech savvy. The app works as you on board graphical designer helping you produce professional grade video content on your smartphone.


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