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Strategic product design.

All of our projects start with two assumptions: The goal is crystal clear, but the path there is not yet determined. This gives us freedom to think freely and it opens up infinite opportunities for innovation.

Multi-dimensional design process

Our non linear methodology opens up paths that are easily missed by those with eyes fixed on the finish line. If your goal is long-term business then we need to start from square zero, what we call pre-design, long before any concept has materialised.


Research and data collection

All you need is a goal, and then trust the process to show the direction. We collaborate with experts, we conduct a design due-diligence and we interact with users to map out where the market is going, and where in time the "market needs" and the "user wants" cross paths.

bd+lightbulb UX Research

bd+user User studies

bd+pen Workshops

bd+checkbox Design due-diligence

🙂 Impact mapping

bd+globe External analysis


Strategic conceptualisation

We test, we explore and we verify design principles derived from the insights of our pre-design research. We evaluate risks and opportunities to make sure the principles can stand the test of time, and we involve users in every step of the way.

When the project moves to the next phase we should have all building blocks to lay the foundation to a successful and resilient product design.

bd+trophy Product strategy

bd+user User testing

bd+pen Workshops

bd+st Customer journey mapping

bd+peg Roadmapping

bd+recycle Service design


Solution independent realisation

Since the insights from pre-design can lead to unexpected turns we have to be flexible in our solutions. The goal may be constant but the optimal solution to reach that goal is bound to change.

We do prototyping, vi evaluate and we iterate the concept to finally deliver a product that will let you reach your goal, and pave the way to future milestones.

bd+coffee Prototyping

bd+user User testing

bd+link Industrial design

bd+cursor Graphics design

bd+camera VR/AR

bd+hea Development

Person holding a smartphone-like prototype to their ear

Are we a good fit?

Not sure if this process fits the bill? We always start collaborations with an open discussion together with our designers. Get in touch and let's start a conversation.

Helene Pilström

Helene Pilström

Business Development

bd+briefcase Project

Energy Resilient Everyday

Visions for a Daily Life with Limited Electricity

bd+briefcase Project

Turning meaningless waiting into meaningful preparation for cancer patients

Sensors help breast cancer patients prepare for radiation therapy

bd+briefcase Project

Charge Map

More stations less anxiety

bd+briefcase Project

The Future of Forestry

Autonomous planting machine for optimal plant survival

bd+briefcase Project

Osstell Connect

Ecosystem for dental implants

bd+briefcase Project

WWFs Food Calculator

Managing your kitchen climate goals

bd+briefcase Project

Video App for Journalists

Clipsk makes it quick and easy to create content on the go

bd+briefcase Project

Traceability for a Circular Future

Possibilities for a traceability system for electronics and their components

bd+briefcase Project

Resvinn - Less waste, more food

Methods to reduce food waste in Sweden