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Get more value out of your design with a whole studio's involvement.

We're a product design studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, consisting of a dynamic murmuration of designers and strategists. Different backgrounds with different points of views, but we're all united in our curiosity for what's around the bend.

230 square meters of brain power

Boid's office is located on the sixth floor of Johanneberg Science Park, right next to Chalmers University of Technology. A spacious kitchen and lounge, together with a terrace, meets you as you step inside. Further in you'll find our studio, meeting rooms and work spaces.

Everyone at Boid should have the opportunity to work where they do their very best work. That's why we have flexible work spaces and give the option to work from home or elsewhere.

A Working Lab & Makerspace

Our building also houses A Working Lab. A collaboration arena where academia, industry and loads of innovate companies meet. On ground floor you'll also find the makerspace with laser cutter, 3D-printers and other tools at your disposal. Naturally employees of Boid has full access to the makerspace, for work or for play.

Jenny Siira she/her



0793 34 45 64

David Lamm he/him

Creative Director


0733 22 55 03

Anna Engström she/her

Senior Service Designer/Design Director


0704 25 31 91

Katharina Merl she/her

Senior Designer


0705 14 36 42

Linus Wiklander he/him

Senior Strategic Designer


0706 99 12 12

David Ljungberg he/him

Senior Designer


0730 83 70 33

Kalle Ekdahl he/him

UX Designer


0706 06 54 78

Frida Lövborg she/her

Front End Developer


0706 93 02 24

Mikael Sundgren he/him

Tech Lead


0736 48 92 06

Markus Wallander he/him

UX Designer


0708 29 37 73

Helene Pilström she/her

Business Development


0703 08 15 75

William Saar he/him

Front End Developer


0702 23 20 81

John Hayman he/him

Industrial Designer


0738 42 77 99

Sara Annvik she/her

Designer & Business Developer


0735 23 68 99

Petra Persson she/her

Product Designer


0737 62 72 80

Sustainability and inclusivity

Our day to day work leans towards a more inclusive and circular society. Climate focus and norm creativity is at the heart of our projects and they are our most important performance indicators.

Great business isn't at the expense of sustainability and inclusivity, quite contrary the best businesses stem from these very goals. Long-term commitment equals long-term business value.

Environment and society

Boid supports UN's Sustainable Development Goals by partaking in project with a positive societal and environmental impact, most often directly but sometimes indirectly. The goals that we're not yet able to activate through projects are supported by contributing to relevant charity organisations.

Our commitment also means that we avoid unnecessary travel, but when we do travel we choose the travel option with the least environmental impact. Business lunches and internal events are all vegetarian.