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Design of all sizes.

We don't specialise in specific markets, but rather specialise on innovation itself. Our projects range from being completely research financed to direct business to business.


Energy Resilient Everyday

Visions for a Daily Life with Limited Electricity


Turning meaningless waiting into meaningful preparation for cancer patients

Sensors help breast cancer patients prepare for radiation therapy

Person holding an iPad-like prototype displaying the Charging Station Map web application

Charge Map

More stations less anxiety

3D visualization showing the Planting Robot while its driving on stones and moss.

The Future of Forestry

Autonomous planting machine for optimal plant survival

iPad-like prototype showing Osstell Connect

Osstell Connect

Ecosystem for dental implants

Hands holding a mobile phone showing the WWF food calculator web app. Raw materials travel through the phone and become illustrated cubes that resemble the raw material.

WWFs Food Calculator

Managing your kitchen climate goals

Person holding a smartphone-like prototype showing Clipsk's Videoapp web application for journalists.

Video App for Journalists

Clipsk makes it quick and easy to create content on the go

Person holding an iPad-like prototype showing the Keep - Keeping Electrical and Electronic Products web application.

Traceability for a Circular Future

Possibilities for a traceability system for electronics and their components

Illustration of raw materials.

Resvinn - Less waste, more food

Methods to reduce food waste in Sweden