WWFs Food Calculator

Managing your kitchen climate goals


WWF Världsnaturfonden Sverige

A tool to visualize serious choices in a playful way.

To live a sustainable life we need every meal to have a carbon footprint of no more than 0,5 CO2e per kilo. The average Swedish plate today has a footprint of 1,8 CO2e per kilo so we still have a one way to go, but the good news is that we are heading in the right direction!

The idea behind the Food Calculator is to nudge us into more conscious decisions of what we put on our plate, and see how small changes can lower our climate impact.

How do we get the data to look appetizing?

Successful nudging needs the data to be transformed into something easier to digest. The challenge lay in measuring as little as 1 gram without losing the visual representation. How do you make a tiny nibble of a nut look like a nut.

We chose to digitally represent the ingredients as cubes to avoid the user misreading the visual scale. Making the forms abstract allowed us to add granularity to the ingredient measurement.

Combine your meals

The calculator will be easy to use, so that you can quickly check your meal score at the dinner table. Dragging the sliders gives you a direct visual representation of your plate, so you can skip the weighing scales at the lunch table.

Useful info from WWF guides

Every ingredient you put on the plate leads to tips on climate smart substitutions, since nudging isn't just about drawing attention but also about showing a clear way forward.

It's up to each user how far they want to go. We hope, of course, that we'll get every meal to 0.5CO2e.

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