Making dental implants even safer

01. Intro

Reducing the risk of failed dental implants, one measurement at a time

Failed dental implant’s isn’t a common occurrence, but when it happens it is extremely painful and agonizing for everyone involved. To reduce the risk of implant failure even further, Osstell contacted Boid with the challenge to help them design a stand alone measurement tool that help dentists establish the stability of dental implants in the quickest possible way. 

The result is Beacon, a hand held device that builds on Osstell’s technology of using resonance frequency analysis (RFA) to measure the level of osseointegration of dental implants. Together with Osstell we worked to design a product that help improve the workflow and day to day work of dentists and at the same time feels premium, dependable and that balances perfectly in your hand.

02. Info




Product Design Concept
Industrial Design
UX/UI design

03. Video
04. Challenge

Finding the balance

In order to understand the problems related to measuring implant stability we mapped the user workflows together with Osstell as well as met with local dentist to understand their pain points when taking measurements. These discussions was the basis for creating a simple and effective workflow and product design that aid the dentist in their day to day work.

As Osstell is the global market leader in implant stability measurements and have a strong focus on making things easy to use, these values needed to be visible in the product design. At the same time, the industrial design were to be developed in unison with a clear and easily understandable interface that guides the user in every step.

05. Interaction and use

Simple in every aspect

The beacon is a sleek and professional tool intended for exact measurements and maximum precision. With features like quick and accurate readings combined with a clear and distinct flow of light in the surfaces the Beacon is the next generation implant stability measuring device.

For an exact reading, the displays light up with the detailed measurement while the tip of the device lights up with a quick indication of the value, represented with red, yellow and green. The colors are directly connected to the ISQ value and the implant stability. By giving this hint of color, the dentist doesn’t have to look at the detail value and can save time when performing the measurement.

The beacon is designed to be used both as a stand-alone device but it also has powerful and automatic connection to Osstell Connect. When used together with Osstell Connect the user can get additional information regarding trends, previous measurements and patient history helping them in the continued work with the implant.

Measurements are taken by attaching a Smart Peg to the implant and aiming the beacon at an angle towards the peg. The Beacon then sends out a pulse that makes the peg vibrate. The vibration is detected and measured giving out the stability level of the implant (ISQ).

The screens of the Beacon give a precise and accurate reading of the stability while the tip of the product, where the measurement is taken, lights up in red yellow or green to indicate the stability of the implant.

The Beacon is designed to be easily connected to the Osstell Connect software. The software allows users to save their measurements, view trends and capture insights around their patient and implants.

06. Process

Behind the scenes

Three concepts were developed to explore different functionalities and features. Out of the concept two were merged to create the final concept.

3D printed mockups helped to evaluate size, shape and proportions of the physical concepts values.

To get a feel of the weight and balance of the final product we did some quick testing along the process. The 3D printed models were also used to get a feel for the weight and balance of the final product. These type of quick tests are very valuable in the development and improvement on the intital design.

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