Quick clips with Clipsk

01. Intro

Clipsk - graphics for mobile film

A few years ago, large and heavy professional cameras were required to create video content for television and the web. Now every journalist walks around with a competent camera in their smartphone. This creates the need for an app that makes it easy for journalists and communicators to add text and graphics to their videos. Together with Rallarsving and Alten we have designed and developed Clipsk.

02. Info




- User Experience
- User Interface

03. Solution

Quick clips with Clipsk

With an increase in mobile recorded video, a need was observed, for an app that makes it easy for journalists and communicators to add graphics to a reportage directly in their smartphones. Not having to go through complicated and expensive video programs on the computer reduces the time from recording to publishing, which is important in today’s rapid media climate. Clipsk is developed specifically for journalists and communicators among whom the technology interest often are relatively low. Many users therefore felt that today’s video apps were too complicated. With Clipsk we have created an app that has just the functionality that journalists and communicators demand and nothing else. This leads to an easier and better user experience.

Clipsk makes it easy to add text and graphics to your videos. The app comes pre-loaded with a large number of useful graphics and with a company subscriptions comes the option to expand the app with company specific graphics including logos, fonts and intro graphics. This makes it even easier for companies to create consistent looking video content on the fly.

04. Video
05. Process

User-centered design

To capture users’ needs, journalists and communicators have been involved throughout the process. Through interviews and usability tests, users have been asked to provide feedback on the desired functionality. With Clipsk, users who have limited experience in video editing can create videos that match those used by larger news channels. By supplementing the video with text, graphics and subtitles, interesting content can be created quickly and easily on the mobile phone. Once the user is finished, the video can be uploaded directly to different video services or sent to newsrooms.

06. Result

Clipsk as a communication tool

Simplicity and clarity were two keywords in the design of the user interface. At the same time the app should feel welcoming and appealing to the users. To achieve this we went with a light interface with functional colors to distinguish the different types of graphics in the app. The light UI makes Clipsk stand out from other video editing apps which often have dark designs.

Clipsk is currently used by communicators at a number of Swedish authorities and in courses teaching journalists and communicators how to create video content using smartphones.

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