Sensors at your fingertips

01. Intro

Fingerprint Cards is a hi-tech company that develops sensors for biometric identification (fancy talk for finger print readers).

Boid was asked to help out with the design of the next generation demonstrator units, which show off the possibilities with Fingerprint Cards’ technology. The demonstrator exhibits how potential customers can integrate the sensor into their own products.

02. Info


Fingerprint cards


Hardware design
Production preparation

03. Challenge

Bulging forms and flat components

While many electronics today follow a simple and clear design language, some shapes pose a challenge to integrating components from external suppliers. In this demonstrator we show how Fingerprint Cards’ flat and small sensor can be built into even rounded and bulging designs.

Inspired by a Manta ray the bulging shape is integrated with the flat sensor.

04. Result

Less is more

The elegance of the demonstrator unit is reflected in its simple construction. Keeping down the number of components, we have designed a product with fewer production steps and shorter assembly time. The results are reduced costs and a smaller environmental impact. Among other things we went from 22 to only two screws compared to the previous product generation.

The unit holds the sensor at a comfortable angle, showing that ergonomics do not have to be a threshold when it comes to integrating the component.

Inspired by a Manta ray the bulging shape is integrated with the flat sensor.

05. Result

Demonstrating technology

The hardware unit is used together with software developed by InUse. Combined they demonstrate the competitive advantages offered by Fingerprint Cards’ technology. The features include unique image quality, extreme robustness, low power consumption and completely biometric systems.

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