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01. Intro

How much is much?

Property owners need help creating incentives to reduce their tenant’s energy use. As with many challenges, change begins with communication and understanding. That is why we created Current, a tool and platform that allows property owners to do just that; to transparently communicate energy consumption.

How? Current enables tenants to visually relate to their energy use and thereby increases their knowledge and understanding of their consumption. Energy is put into context, beyond abstract numbers. The goal is to create smarter and more efficient energy consumption and reduce costs as a positive consequence.

02. Info


Akademiska Hus


Ideation & concept
App design

03. Challenge

Transparent, hands-on and easy

The goals and challenges of the project have been to:

– Create a tool that helps property owners to positively visualize energy use for the tenant and have an open dialogue about it.

– Increase the knowledge, understanding and awareness of energy use.

– Integrate a behavioral perspective in order to increase the desire to reduce energy consumption.

– Reduce total energy consumption.

04. Result

A visual link

Let’s make it simple: Current shows the energy consumption at your workplace. This consumption is separated into the energy that your workplace accounts for and the energy that the property owner stands for. Energy consumption is always shown in relation to a visual limit defined by the average energy consumption for the same month of previous years. The goal is to stay within this limit.

Current also shows when energy consumption peaks and what type of energy is being used most, electricity, district heating or cooling. As heating and cooling accounts for a large part of a building’s energy use, Current promts users to reflect on the weather and indoor climate too. Being able to shift consumption away from peak hours can make a big difference.

What else makes a difference and how can I as an individual make an impact? Once a week you’ll get an energy tip. These tips can be “Good to know” information but also hands-on advice. This way Current helps you to contribute to energy savings in your workplace, as well as creating more transparency between property owners and tenants.

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